The DFW 3Day…Completed!!!

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2014-11-07 06.47.32

Mother Nature was good to us this weekend, the rain stopped  on Thursday and the artic freeze will be upon us tonight!  The sun shone upon 1,500 + walkers and crew and volunteers for 3 glorious days.  It is an amazing event for a cause that effects, just about everyone in one form or another. The fight to find a cure for breast cancer is a serious one, but for 3 days pink and outlandish and crazy for the tata’s is what keeps everyone pushing on! The volunteers and the crew that keep all of us safe are amazing…the tough (by exterior appearance only) motorcycle guys and gals in their pink beards and decorated bikes are fantastic.

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The youth corps that come out to help are wonderfully thoughtful young people and the police that help with traffic control on the major intersections are full of smiles and some even dance…

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Saturday Morning Find

Drove over to White Rock Lake early Saturday morning, much too early as I forget the sun is coming up much later these days… but so enjoyed the sunrise and the sounds of nature waking up.

Early morning light

White Rock Lake is a very popular place for runners and bicyclist…VERY popular, you have to be careful not to get run over! :)

I found a great spot, kind of secluded pond with a selection of duck species.   Saw my first Wood Duck, very cool looking duck.  At the moment, the males are in what they call eclipse stage.  “In the Spring, the male (drake) requires its colourful plumage to attract a mate during the breeding season. In the Summer after the breeding season (or start of the non-breeding season) the male (drake) begins to moult, shedding all their feathers including the flight feathers. The female (duck) tends to moult slightly later when the ducklings are older. During this time for a short period they cannot fly so they find a safe place away from predators until their feathers grow back. This moult results in the eclipse plumage which gives the male (drake) a much duller plumage similar to the female (duck)”.

Wood Duck, Eclipse male

Wood Duck, Eclipse male

Wood Duck - female

Of course, I had to play with one of the images…here’s a little impressionistic interpretations of a Wood Duck…

Wood Duck, Eclipse male

And then there was the entertainment provided by the mallards.  As I have named this photo….”A duck getting goosed”


And finally, just love the expression on the female mallards face…those darn Coots just keep bothering her while she is trying to take a power nap!


You’ve heard of the crazy cat lady…

…well I think I may (in my golden years) earn the title of the Crazy Bird Lady! :)  I’ve always loved photography, and I’ve always enjoyed watching birds HOWEVER I never thought I’d put the two together.  Let me clarify, I’ve watched birds but didn’t know for the most part what they were or that there are something like 900 species in North America.  Last January, I went with some friends to an event called the “EagleFest”.  A few raptor rescue groups were there showing raptors that could not be released back to the wild due to injuries that would not allow them to survive.  I was hooked!  What beautiful creatures.  I starting reading about birds, and watching them more closely.  My wonderful supportive hubby bought me a 400mm lens so I could actually start capturing images worth sharing.  I pretty much have not taken that lens off the camera since.  Another friend of mine bought me “The TOS Handbook of Texas Birds”, read it cover to cover.

I now cannot wait for Saturday’s when I can go out and find a new bird I’ve haven’t seen yet.  I may have to change the title of this blog…

Thought I’d share some of my discoveries.

Tricolored Heron

Texas has area’s called Water Management Areas, I guess other states have them too, just never heard of them until we moved to Texas.  In simple terms that are areas that are created to naturally purify water.  They also are areas where birds love to hang out!  This Tri-Colored Heron was at Richland Chambers WMA. I paid him to pose like that :)

Kingfisher framed

This is a belted Kingfisher.  I watched him diving for fish at the Lake Lewisville Environment Learning Area (LLELA) in Lewisville TX.  He perched himself on that branch as a perfect lookout into the lake and the fish below.

NY Egret

This handsome fella is a Yellow-Crowned Night Heron.  Spotted him at Stony Brook Harbor, NY this past summer during the early morning “golden hour”


American Oystercatcher at Jones Beach on Long Island, NY   I followed him for quite awhile to get this image, he didn’t want me anywhere near him!

Sharing a wonderful story and talent

Not sure how I found Kristofer Rowe, I think it was his Flickr page. I was enamored with his photos of osprey, for whatever reason I goggled his name and found an article about him in the local paper in Connecticut. He is a chef at Bee & Thistle Inn  in Old Lyme, Connecticut; he replaced his bottle of vodka with a camera and what he captures is amazing.
This is the link to his Flickr page. Something to be said about second chances, good choices and the love and passion for something.
I am not comfortable with posting others photos, so my photo will be my poor version of an Osprey…you need to look at Kristofer’s photo’s to see the beauty of this bird.Osprey