Post Processing is not a Dirty Word.

I was having a conversation recently with a friend that likes to take photos while on vacation, he had found my Flickr account and asked how I managed to get some of those beautiful images. When I told him that I use Lightroom and Photoshop his reply was “Oh you processed them”….as if that was a cardinal sin. I had a momentary flinch…only lasted a nano-second! So why, if you like the end result is it somehow diminished if it’s not “straight from the camera”…My reply, it’s NOT! Did Ansel Adams post process? Yes he did; just used chemicals instead of manipulating pixels. Do you think the front cover of any magazine is not retouched? In fact, when one adjusts the exposure settings in the camera, it that not some form of processing?
Photography, to me, is an art form. The camera is the canvas with which I begin.
Below is how I got from a dull portrait of a lioness to one that I really like.

Last Saturday morning I met up with fellow photographers at the Dallas Zoo. The weather was supposed to be cool but sunny; that was not the case. Despite the bland lighting and my cold hands I managed to capture a few images that I felt had potential. This lioness is one of them.

The Lioness

The Lioness

She had settled down behind a boulder and was watching the crowd. The backdrop was grey with some distracting branches, not something I would post for the world to see.



felicity by Kim Klassen

I believe the end result is far better than “straight out of the camera”…

2 thoughts on “Post Processing is not a Dirty Word.

  1. The difference between a work of art and an snapshot is in the post processing. PP is the photographers personal expression. There are simply different levels depending on how a photo is going to be used. Your example is perfect, a snapshot to a story. Loving the way you’re experimenting with texture.


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