It’s a Dogs life

What does that mean exactly? Does it infer good or bad? Does it mean that we should all sleep more or that life is boring? Well if we are talking about my dogs..or my granddogs then it is definetly a positive thing.

IMG_20130211_205450“It’s a dogs life”





However we all have seen those never ending commercials about the neglected pups out there. I personally mute those commercials and walk away. I cannot watch them and will never support whatever group is broadcasting them. They are meant to pull at your heartstrings…yeah no, they are meant to break your heart, and any company that wishes to gain by breaking my heart is not going to get anything. Moving right along, my intention was not to be political or negative; just wanted to share some of my favorite images of my 4 legged babies. Hubby and I are heading out for our first vacation in about 15 years, an extended weekend in Vegas. Will catch up with y’all upon our return and hope to have a 32GB disk of incredible Valley of Fire and Vegas shots to share with you! See ya next week.

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