Monet…Well sort of

I stumbled upon a website called “Impressionist Photography”, the photographer is Eva Polak and her work is magnificent! I carefully examined all the posted photos and thought to myself…”self, you can do this”. Well first let me provide you her webpage and let me know if you have that same conversation with yourself! Sure, it’s just out of focus images, no problem, that’s simple! Yeah, not so simple! I spend a few hours shooting at a White Rock Lake, here in the Dallas area….and most of my images look like they are out of focus – and that’s it!
You have to have just the right amount of out of focus, the right subject and there’s something else missing that I have not yet been able to put my finger on. A lot like that recipe that is missing something but you just can’t figure out what it is. I am stubborn, (ask my husband) and determined, I will figure it out 🙂

I did manage to get one good image that I really like and it was actually exactly what I was going for. Thanks to Kim Klassen for the paint brush…



The photo below was captured as the sun came up over White Rock Lake. The water was very still except for the occasional fowl that did it’s wonderful water landing. By the way, IT WAS COLD, like I couldn’t feel my fingers cold, but nothing better than waking up with mother nature to start the day off perfectly. This image was not shot out of focus, but it did capture what I had in mind…thought I’d share.

Determination and Direction

Determination and Direction

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