First time I am creating something from someone else’s image. As soon as I saw those rusted beach chairs I thought of Long Island, specifically Oak Beach. That’s where I grew up, sand between the toes and rusted iron chairs on the beach. Guess you can move the girl to Texas BUT never remove the ocean breezes from her thoughts! This image was created using Kim Klassen texture KK2, my photo of my son-in-law walking on the beach (for the first time last fall), my fire island light house image, my grunge borders and KK grunge brush.
Here is the image I started with:

KK chairs

KK chairs

And this is my imagination at work:

Come visit me at the Sea

Come visit me at the Sea

14 thoughts on “Beyond…KK

  1. I love this! What a great take on the assignment. Everything about this is terrific!

    Am I just seeing things in the clouds, or is there another image in there, around the center of the image. Looks like it could be a bird, disproportionate to the rest of the image, or maybe a figure like a dancer. I had thought of those chairs on the beach — but I thought of them facing the beach as if looking at the sunset. Never would have thought make an image with them facing away.


    • Anne, Thank you so much, I’m pleased you like it. The only image is the lighthouse, but perhaps you are seeing something in the texture? You know us crazy artists, we see things! lol


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