Fort Worth Skyline Shoot

Bet you thought you’d see an image of an skyline didn’t you??? fooled ya, you’ve got a dandelion instead. As has been the case with far too many of our meetups so far this year, the weather was not cooperative! Overcast, cold and threats of rain, oh and I forgot the WIND!. Eight of us crazy folk showed up to shoot, some good images were captured but most of mine were out of focus…definetly need a better tripod, one that can hold the long lens while not moving in the wind! I did get a decent HDR, but my favorite of the night was a dandelion…yup a weed. The street lights were backlighting just right and this little dandelion was calling to me…

The Dandelion

The Dandelion

One of our members, Bill, was kind enough to bring some equipment so we could all get a little hands on light painting, again the weather was not terribly cooperative, with the low cloud cover the ambient light was too much for good light painting. There was, however, an overpass that we walked under on the way back to our cars…it was dark…so we played a bit. A little post processed to add some interest, (yeah the under part of an overpass isn’t high on my list of “things to shoot”)..but I really like the effect and will definetly schedule another meetup where we can learn some more. Thanks again Bill

caption id=”attachment_174″ align=”aligncenter” width=”610″]Light Painting Light Painting[/caption]

Ok, I really have to include a skyline since that was the subject of tonight’s meetup.

Ft. Worth Skyline

Ft. Worth Skyline


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