All was not lost…

I decided this morning that I would take a road trip out to a more rural area in hopes of finding some old barns, older homes etc. Have this image in my head that I want to work on. Well, 3 hours, many miles and very frustrated I found myself having gone in a circle and accomplished nothing. A lot of major roads, construction, open flat boring fields of nothing, and not a single shot grabbed me. So I decided it just wasn’t ment to be and headed home. Since I hadn’t taken the dogs to the doggie park for a few days thought I be a good pack leader and give them a run. Grabbed the camera and the dogs and headed down the road 3 miles. I go to this park at least 3 times a week, sometimes I bring the camera but usually don’t shoot anything. After an hour of letting them run, headed home and looky what I found. Can’t believe I’ve never noticed this before!

Right There All Along

Right There All Along

Lexington, the rotti pup, decided she didn’t like the look of the cow and starting barking…mangaged to grab the shot before the cow turned and walked away. Used Kim’s KK2 texture, one of my own textures and some sepia color.

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