Lampposts and Baseball?

Today’s Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen was an easy one…photo with words and one of KK’s textures.
I have been going through all my shots from our Vegas trip last month and came across a lamppost that I’d captured at the Venetian Hotel. I had to do some cleaning up of the background distractions, but then I added some of Kim’s textures. This is my result:



We are a baseball family… (well most of us), so to commemorate the beginning of baseball spring training I decided to search something that came from basebasll…who else but the great Hank Aaron could provide such a quote that is simple and to the point.
Don’t know that baseball and Italian scenes really go together but that’s where we can call upon “artistic interpretation” to get away with whatever we want 🙂

Here is the original image:

captured image

captured image

6 thoughts on “Lampposts and Baseball?

  1. Judy, I enjoy your photos very much! As I posted earlier this month, I would love to go with you when you are shooting in the Dallas area. As I posted, there are so many things out there begging to be in a photo!


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