Tiny cameras and text.

So photography is my passion…in case there was any doubt out there smile.
BUT who knew that a camera would be used to diagnose a condition…Let me explain. I actually swallowed a camera this morning…it was the size of a large pill. I ment to take a quick picture, but forgot. So this camera sends picture wirelessly to this gadgit that you wear around the neck all day. It will take hundreds of photos of my intestines…yuck not thinking I’ll be adding any textures to them!!! Anyway, thought I share cuz I thought it was just totally cool that they can make a camera so small!

So on to what I did all day while my insides were being photographed..
Played with text…Kim’s video’s were great and so easy to follow Thanks Kim!
Thought I’d post 2 of my efforts. This first style is adding words within a shape, This requires alot of playing because the words don’t always line up just right. This is a photo from my son’s wedding in Sept and the words are from a poster that my hubby bought me few months ago…

Words to live by

Words to live by

This second photo incorporates text on a path



I shot this photo about a month ago during a meetup at a local lake. The water was so calm that the reflection is absolutely perfect! Did no editing to the shot other than adding the text.

20 thoughts on “Tiny cameras and text.

  1. The text inside a shape is really cool, and one I want to try this weekend. The pen tool was a favorite new technique that worked great for me. These are both fantastic – glad you shared them both.


  2. Be very proud, they are both exquisite works of art. The heart shape with such a delightful quote is paired so well with the wedding image. And you managed to capture that feather perfectly. No further edits than adding the text … couldn’t have been better. Beauty … both of them.


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