Walk around the lake

Woke up to a beautiful day…maybe spring is finally here? Decided that it was time to start walking again; still have 7 months before my 60 mile journey but it’s never to early to start training. We have some great trails that go around the lake, and while flora is still minimal your can smell and hear the wonderful signs of spring! Lexington, my rotti told me she wanted to come :), so we grabbed the camera and headed out. Absolutely no one was out today so we had the trail to ourselves.



I didn’t bring my long lens, which I will definetly remember next time, so I couldn’t really capture all the birds, but this Eastern Meadowlark (can hardly see him but he is in the tree on the left) was perched and chirping away. Spotted the usual cardinals, bluejays, robins and a few egrets…and of course many hawks.

Walked 5 miles and Lexie was her usual well behaved puppy…chased a few butterflies but otherwise stayed right next to me the whole time!



A week from tomorrow I leave for my 7 day photographic outing…I can’t wait. Heading out to Big Bend with 4 other photographer buddies; the spring wildflower show is suppose to be in full swing and of course the landscape in Big Bend is just fantastic so will have some great shots to share! Trying to figure out how I can post during the trip, will only have my phone and kindle so if anyone out there that has wordpress has an thoughts please share!
Until next time, have a wonderful day!

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