Small Towns expedition

My friend Troy offered to keep me company on one of my photographic exploration days after seeing some of my pics on this blog and facebook. Glad to have the company! Of course yesterday was perfect weather with the sun shinning and blue skies with white puffy clouds…today, not so much! We had a great day anyway. Headed east on route 66, (not the famous one) and the first stop was in Royse City.

Royse City United Methodist Church

Royse City United Methodist Church

The Methodist church there was built in 1904, which from what I have experienced in Texas is darn old! The director of the youth group gave us access to the sanctuary which was quite lovely.Church

Next stop on the way east was just before Caddo Mills, not like we didn’t come across plenty of horses..just thought these two needed their photo taken 🙂edit-1038

Also found this abandoned building, I love exploring old falling down structures!hdrinteriorbarnbarninterior

barnMore old structures….IMG_6792_HDR

Continued our journey east until we came to Greenville. Came upon another great old church built in 1898; Gothic revival style of architecture with multiple towers, art stained glass windows, tin roof and a very unique exterior brick design.church3

Despite the ugly day, had a great time discovering small towns east of Dallas…we will go back on a sunny day to capture new discoveries! Thanks Troy for a fun Tuesday!Troy

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