Photo Junkies heading out….

10 hours on the road

10 hours on the road

My 8 day adventure begins tomorrow and I just can’t wait.  Heading out to Big Bend park for a week of nothing but photography. Five of us Photo junkies have been planing this trip for months and it’s finally arrived!  It is definitely spring out there, in the 90’s during the day and 40’s at night!  The wildflowers are in full bloom as are the blue bonnets.  I’ve checked the moon phases and Wednesday night sky will be moon free…planning to try my hand at capturing the night sky.  There is NO “light pollution” out there, since it is truly the middle of nowhere so I’ll see how well I’ve absorbed all my night sky shooting tutorials   Below is a photo of where we will be staying.  The owner brought this place back from ruins, literally.  There was nothing but some stone walls a few years ago and she has rebuilt and now rents it out.villaI’ve downloaded to my kindle what I need to post to this blog so hopefully I will be able to journal our adventures!  Keep an eye out for some fabulous photos….I hope 🙂

One thought on “Photo Junkies heading out….

  1. Have a safe trip! Have a great time! Get some great shots of the things there that are begging to have a photo taken of them! Can’t wait to see the results!


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