Big Bend – Day 4

Remains of the Livingston house

Remains of the Livingston house

We decided to sleep in a bit and forego day four sunrise…when I say sleep in I mean 6:30 am. Our agenda today was to visit the Hot Springs; it is a natural “hot tub” contained by the foundation that was built in the 1930’s when this area was resort town built by Charles Livingston. Quite amazing, it is located on the north bank of the Rio Grande.


After a relaxing dunk (of my feet) in the spring we continued down the trail that runs along the river. At some point my comrades left me and I found myself on the Mexican side…having watched too many western movies and letting my imagination run a little wild I decided it best that I cross back over to home turf 🙂



The trail is three miles long and only one way so we decided to drive to the end and hike from there as the vantage point and views were supposed to be beautiful. Before the hike we drove to the Chisos Basin restaurant for lunch.  I believe I’ve mentioned before that I am afraid of heights….well the ride to Chisos Basin restaurant was a test! OMG, two lane road with hairpin turns and NO guard rail!!!  Don’t think I could have driven the truck any slower!  Quite beautiful, altho I did not look beyond the few feet of asphalt in front of me until we reached the top!

After lunch we headed back down to the Rio Grande Village where we caught the overlook trail to the hot springs area.


The wind starting picking up and the views were becoming obscured by all the dirt in the air, kind of a strange sight to see. The Windows overlook is where we decided we’d catch the sunset. It is a canyon facing west with lovely views as far as the eye can see…however with the wind and the dirt in the air, sunset was a bit of a disappointment 😦



Back to camp for some frozen pizza…well we did heat it up first 🙂

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