What is it about trains that is so fascinating??? or maybe it’s just me? I love the sound of the train horn in the wee hours of the morning, mind you the train that I hear is probably about a mile away so it is subtle and something kinda “romantic” about it. Certainly not the train horn that woke up Vinny (ref: My Cousin Vinny…one of my favorite movies)…I digress 🙂 During our trip to BB, we had stopped at the town of Marathon, while walking the town I realized that the train was coming thru every 30 minutes…well at least during the time we were there, so I made sure I was near the tracks to capture it. Quite cool, if you are standing by the tracks when a train is coming you actually feel it before you see it! Probably shot way too may images, but hey digital age, really doesn’t matter if you put the camera mode on continuous and hold the shutter down…it’s not like the “old days” when you’d have to pay for the film and then pay to have each image developed….You were very selective about what you shot and how many! Anyway, I’ve been rambling…here are my favorite three shots from the Marathon train…BTW..the engineer tooted his horn at me 🙂 Yeah Yeah, just like when you are a kid on a road trip and the truckers toot their horn when you make that motion to them! WOW really digressing and regressing here~!

Train3 train2 Train

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