So being unemployed and having WAY TOO MUCH time on my hands..and loving photography…and needing an inspirational nudge once in a while…and having way too much time on my hands..oh did I say that already?? :).  Anyway, a few months ago, actually about 5 at this point I spotted an absolutely beautiful photo on Flickr (in case you’d like to check me out here is my account XXXXX).  I emailed the artist to ask her just how she accomplished the effect…she directed me to a blog/website hosted by a very artistic and interesting woman named Kim Klassen…YOU NON-PHOTOGRAPHERS, STAY WITH ME HERE!!!   So I visited her site, discovered the whole texture thing and have been hooked ever since.  The reason for this whole diatribe is to show you my next photo….BUT before I get there I have another explanation for you.   (just stay with me here folks!)  I consider myself a fairly private person, I usually don’t share a lot about feelings and mushy stuff and certainly not to strangers soooooo when my favorite daughter-in-law… OK, can we just call her my daugher…So when my daughter was telling me about blogging I really didn’t get it…So people share their lives with total strangers and these strangers “follow” them and you do this why????   Well I didn’t say that last part to her, but I was thinking it!    Fast forward to my unemployment…HMMMMMM what can I do all day now that the house is clean..well sort of….let’s check out this whole blogging thing.  A lot of frustration, a lot of WTF??? later. …blah blah  So here I am, I have a blog, and actually, to my amazement, have 26 followers…and with one exception, NONE of them are my kids or family 🙂 hint hint.

For those of you that have stayed with me here…Today, Wednesday, is our “assignment” day on Kim Klassen’s Beyond site….She usually provides some tutorials and directions etc, etc.  However, today’s assignment was a bit different, she challenged us to share our collections…you know that stuff we hoard and call “Our Collections”…things that make us happy or make us smile.  I was up to the challenge since I had done the laundry, vacuumed the house and being that the weather outside was cold and gloomy had nothing else on my “to do” list that could be accomplished today.

I walked around the house and grabbed some treasures that lay about, spend a little time laying them out on my table and starting shooting.  Now I really do not enjoy still life photography, much prefer mother nature putting things before me, since she is so much better at arrangements….This is my result.


Each piece has some meaning to me…My kids will get it, for those of you that do not know me…  I love the ocean, and the beach (and I so miss it since we have relocated to Texas), I love gardening (the little garden angel), I love trucks, particularly old ones, I love my pets and the little frame is a photo of my Madison that left us over a year ago, I enjoy crafts: Noelle has introduced me to washy tape, I have a large collection of cigar boxes that someday I will actually do something with and most important I love being a Mom…that little note you see is a very special one given to  me by my son and his bride!

That’s me in a nutshell…or photo….actually had fun sharing a little piece of myself!

6 thoughts on “Beyond…

  1. Thanks for the follow, Judy. I am really looking forward to learning from your photography tips. I recently got a hand-me-down Nikon D200 from my brother and am having so much fun trying to learn! Blessings


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