Hill Country roadside gems

Over the weekend I drove down to the hill country…just east of Austin.  The destination was Longhorn Caverns State park (you’ll see that tomorrow), but just as beautiful were the gems I found along the way.  The wildflowers are actually begining to die back, but they were still beautiful!  Not sure what it is about old trucks and flowers in the same the picture…but they make me smile!



Mail boxes and abandoned buildings also make me happy….apparently  🙂

shack roadsideflowers mailbox

And in case you didn’t ge your fill of flowers…here’s one more.


11 thoughts on “Hill Country roadside gems

    • Sherri, I spent many hours driving around looking for something to shoot (with my camera) and found nothing. That is what I love about the Hill Country…it’s really so much prettier than north Texas.


  1. I know that you didn’t get this photos riding the Interstate! Thank you for taking some back roads! I love these! You are getting some great photos! I told you that there are things out there just begging to have a photo taken of them! I want to go with you again! I love what you see and what you will do to take a photo of it! These are beautiful photos!


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