Longhorn Cavern State Park, Burnet Texas

On Saturday our Dallas meetup group had a 5 hour private photography tour of the Longhorn Caverns in Burnet, Texas.  Some of the group drove down on Friday afternoon but my friend Greg and I decided that we’d do the trip in one day…So that’s a 4 hour drive down and 4+ coming back!  Left at 4:30 AM and arrived just in time to meet the rest of the group and head on down into the caverns. It really was fun!  We had the mile long cavern trail all to ourselves for 5 hours!  Here are some of the images I captured.




A little story about this “statue”…I know it looks like a dog, and in fact it does.  When they found it back in the cave they assumed it had been carved, HOWEVER after much testing and analysing they discovered that in fact it was not carved by human but rather by nature.  The flow of the waters in the cave created this…pretty cool huh?  Also about this particular photo…do you see the ghost???  We were all playing with long exposures and trying to create this ghostly impression…kinda created was I was going for.



We named this insect the cave dwelling attack cricket…because that is what is does.  Our guide Michael was bite by one and the little critter wouldn’t let go!!!


…and here’s the gang after 5 hours of fun!

13 thoughts on “Longhorn Cavern State Park, Burnet Texas

  1. This looks like an amazing adventure and you documented it beautifully. Your photos are inspiring. Can you share what camera equipment you used for this shoot?


  2. Stunning! I would love to visit these caves. Quite a trip from here in London…., maybe one day. Great you had the place to yourselves. I hear Antelope canyon. Has turned into a forest -of tripods!


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  4. So beautiful! Just returned from a visit there and would love to purchase one of these gorgeous photos as a momento… Are they available for purchase?


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