Bucket List…check one off

On Jeff’s 60th birthday the kids bought him a “NASCAR Experience”;  he set up his experience for this past Saturday.  We only live about 40 minutes from Texas Motor Speedway so definitely convenient!  Arrived at 7am, was given his equipment and took his hour class… It rained Friday night and the track was wet so we had to wait for them to dry the track.  Do you know how they do that????  I would have thought they have giant blowers or something but nope…they just drive on it.  Trucks, regular cars pace around until it’s dry.  So anyway around 10:00 am he got in the car and did his laps…he says it went way too fast, not the speed… the time!

Waiting for his ride

Patiently waiting…Impatient testosterone

Waiting for drivers

Waiting for drivers

142 MPH

142 MPH

Nope, no doors on these cars!

Nope, no doors on these cars!

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