Recognition of blogging…

Thank you Ajay  and Melanee at for nominating my blog for awards!!  What a thrill to have someone take the time to not only visit but also award the content!

My passion is photography… it makes me happy, keeps the blues away when it tries to sneak into my life and provides me with a goal to learn more and improve every time I pick up the camera.  I cannot draw, I cannot paint, I cannot write stories, but with the help of the camera I can capture everyday images that I call my art and have enjoyed sharing.

Blogging is new to me, but I have found it so much fun to share my images and follow others on their journeys…from simple stories of cats on boats to those folks fighting life threatening disease.  It’s a community that serves a purpose…probably as many different purposes as the stories and images that are out there!

Warmest Regards,  Judy

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