Back to work

Started a new job this week after an extended unemployment vacation 🙂  I am going to have to get a bit organized with my time as I can no longer shoot, process and post all day long! LOL   I hope to post a few times a week but that will depend on how often I get out to shoot….I’d rather focus on quality then quantity so hang in there while I reorganize my life!

So having said all that, below are some shots in my backyard…the pampass grass has sent out it’s plumes and I’m still working on capturing them just right.IMG_4257

pampas grass

10 thoughts on “Back to work

  1. Hello Judy, I’m happy that you are working again but I will miss your photos! I know that you will be posting quality shots! I love these photos!


  2. How does Pampas Grass grow down your way? It took us five years to kill ours off when it started to get invasive. Now I’ve learned half my mature landscaped shrubs have been added to Wisconsin’s invasive species list because they’re populating native forests and woodlands. Oh the fine line I walk between beauty and a healthy environment. Enjoy your new job … hope to see you back behind the camera soon.


    • Charly, It took a few years for the grass to establish itself, but now they are full and each year we get more plumes. it stays put and does not invade anything. The soil here is just clay, we had raised beds created so I could have a garden…but the summer heat is tough and I’ve had to learn what can survive…originally from the north where I could plant anything and it took 🙂 The only plant that I am aware of that causes invasive problems here is the honeysuckle….I have my planted in pots and its doing well.


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