Downtown Dallas Impromptu Meetup

On Saturday night a few of us met downtown Dallas as a last-minute get together…guess it shows how old we all must be that none of us had plans on a Saturday night 🙂  Anyway, we had a nice time walking around exploring downtown at night.  I am not very experienced at night shooting, something I will have to try more often because a think there are a lot of opportunities that you just can’t capture during daylight hours.

None of us remembered to bring a flashlight so when we got to the waterfall by city hall we had to “wing it”, would have been fun to light paint the water…next time.  Was having trouble focusing since it was so dark, but managed to get a somewhat blurring shot…not to worry, that is what Photoshop is for…to make art out of a somewhat dull out of focus picture 🙂   The moon is from last week when it was full..there is some texture added and all in all I like the finished product.

Below is my interpretation of the sometimes dark and eerie feeling when walking in some of the quiet back streets…


And then there is the more lively part of town…


The Baptist Church, which has this fantastic water display that is choreographed to music is a must visit. Below is the new building and the second shot is the original church.

DTDnew church


…and here’s the crew 🙂


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