I’m Back… LOL

Sorry my followers for my absence.  Started that new job and information overload and insecurity have dominated my days for the past 3 weeks! I am started to settle in and get a routine, and actually clean my house once in a while!  Last Saturday we had a meetup scheduled for a small rural town in north Texas, Denison.  Figured we’d spend a few hours shooting the old town, a few bridges and what ever else we came across…well 12 hours later a few of us just started to head home 🙂   As it turned out there was a car show and a dog show planned for that day AND one of our members found a really great refuge only 11 miles west.  It took awhile to go thru all the photos but here’s a few, hope you enjoy.  I’ll get some more out there tomorrow.



The Face

7 thoughts on “I’m Back… LOL

  1. LOVE, LOVE the texture of the 1st shot – all the shots are great of course! On a personal note, I’m sorry it’s been hectic for you. I interviewed Tuesday and I’ve been a total nutcase ever since. I am guessing we are close in age – and have lots going on hormone wise – I’m not able to multi-task worth a dang anymore and feel so stressed with my job. I just wanted to give you a virtual hug – and hopefully help that you aren’t alone.


    • Thanks Sherri!!! Yeah there’s a lot going on and hormones are just part of life after 50+ LOL Thanks for the hug!!!! I have a wonderful support system with family and friends so all is good. Good luck to you as well.


  2. I love these! I want that Cadillac! The photo of the dog is awesome! I hope that things will settle down soon at work! I look forward to seeing more photos soon!


  3. Great texture on the first image and love the angle you used for the Cadillac! Good luck with the job, I don’t think I’d cope working now having semi-retired 5 years ago!!
    Jude xx


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