Watery Places

I’ve been “cleaning out” my 2013 files getting ready for a new year of shooting…I know I still have a month BUT with holidays coming up and the cold weather settling in I won’t be out shooting too much.  It’s also an excuse to go back thru a years worth of photos and apply new knowledge and techniques.  I’ve been playing more with B&W and warm tones….



6 thoughts on “Watery Places

  1. Gosh Judy, I wish I had your dedication – I’m still going through years worth of photos and never seem to catch up with myself. I need to be more organised about this process I think.

    Love the sepia image – reflection, a tree, a jetty and mist all beautifully composed.


    • Thanks Jude. I truely love photography…I spend too much time in front of this monitor but it makes me happy. At this stage in life, I really don’t mind so much that the house needs to be cleaned 🙂 I’d rather be playing!!! LOL My priorities have changed! I kinda like it


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