I see this word “muse” out there on blogs and while I kind of know what it means, I really don’t…so I looked it up.  Here’s the Official definition “in Greek mythology, poetry and literature, are the goddesses of the inspiration”. Oh OK I get it…my inspiration. So it got me to thinking about what my inspiration is…hmmmm I believe it changes quite frequently.  I guess that says that I am either fickle or adaptive :).  For the past year I was totally inspired by a women in Canada  who’s use of textures just fascinated me.  Her name is Kim Klassen, .  I had found some images on flicker that were just awesome.  I joined her blog and have learned so much about textures and how to apply them in Photoshop.  Still love the technique but recently I have found that my photography has stagnated and I need to move on.  I thought it was time to get back to the roots of photography and learn a bit more of the “techy” side….ya know exposure and f-stop and that sort of thing.  What better way then to start shooting B&W!  My Muse years ago (in the ole days when film is what we shot) was Ansel Adams…I need to go back there and find new inspiration.

B&W photography is unforgiving…you had better have a good composition and great exposure.  My 2014 New Years resolution will be to get back to basics and  pay attention to detail! As I clean up my 2013 files in Lightroom I am finding some images to play with…more to come.



8 thoughts on “Muse

  1. Ah, I also love Ansel Adams. I’m trying to figure out my muse – maybe it changes as I get older. I am bored with my nature photography and thinking about taking on informal portraits – I’m afraid of asking people especially strangers so I’m trying to challenge myself to get past that. Will see. Love both of these – great contrast.


    • I think inspiration changes..over time and sometime during the course of one day. don’t think there is a rule that it has to be constant 🙂 unless of course you are a “Castle” fan 🙂 (don’t watch much TV but recently got hooked on this series) Sherri, start with a long lens…it will get you comfortable with faces…eventually you will be able to approach strangers, and if not then that’s OK too. As long as you are not selling the photos, nothing wrong with taking long lens candids incognito 🙂


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