Politically Incorrect …in my wheaties

I am writing a prologue to the below post…and here is why.  I wrote this post wanting to share a funny story and a funny picture.  After writing it, I left it in draft mode thinking I would post it later in the week…and here is where my dilemma began.  I starting thinking that perhaps I shouldn’t post this because of the picture attached (which by the way makes this whole story funny), in these politically correct times one must be careful for fear of offending someone!   I’m sorry but just the fact that I was concerned, concerned me!  Not wanting to go into some diatribe on my thoughts about political correctness let me just say this.  I’m tired of listening to the news about how someone was offended by a Christmas tree in a town square or the fact that the folks that deliver our mail were called mailmen and not postal carriers, how the name of a football team connotes some racial degradation, etc.  How about we all regain some tolerance and a sense of humor, start paying attention to more important things, try to fix the issues that are truly inappropriate (another word I’ve grown to hate) and let’s enjoy the diversity of people’s thoughts and beliefs and maybe learn something new, whether it be a new perspective or maybe some knowledge.  Well enough of my preaching, I’ve kind of gone astray here. Since you are reading this I obviously decided that I was going to post this because I will not let an atmosphere of fear overrule common sense… So if you do not have a sense of humor, cannot laugh at something as innocent as a child being a child then please close this page now and do not look any further!

I’m kinda getting away from the photography subject here, but I have to share this story…  when we first moved to Texas, which at this point was 8 years ago,WOW, where does the time go??  Anyway, if you can imagine, here we are, New Yorker’s all of our lives and we uproot and move to Texas.  The uprooting part was because of my job.  I think one of the most entertaining parts of adapting to our new home were some of the colloquialisms.

I had taken on a new position and the person that was hired as my associate,  was originally from Mississippi but had lived in Texas for 20+ years….She is a character, in every sense of the word!  Every once in a while she’d pop something out of her mouth that just floored me.  One of her favorite sayings, when someone would upset her, was   “so -n-so had pissed in her wheaties”.  I think it was a few years after we had been working together that I found this picture out on the web…I thought it was a PERFECT fit to give to my friend to hang in her office.  Probably breaking every HR rule in the book and yeah for all you out there that are politically correct…be forewarned …you may be offended.   I just think this is hysterical!  She hung it in her office and despite visits from some very “high ups”, she never took it down!


8 thoughts on “Politically Incorrect …in my wheaties

  1. YOU are awesome! Love that you shared this. How could anyone be offended? Crazy times people…crazy. Mentally standing and giving you a long ovation!!! Hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving Judy!


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