Big Brother is watching

So do you all remember  Orwells novel 1984 ???  I read it years ago but will have to go back and read it again. I remember that at the time it seemed crazy BUT not so much anymore. I rcently posted on my blog, in response to an award, the fact that I had on my bucket list an African safari.  Well within an hour of that post I had 3 email messages promoting tours to Africa.  That kinda spooked me!!!!  It’s a little scary that I have so much information out there about me, all so innocently posted.  I guess it should serve as a reminder that if there is anything left considered personal, make sure you never mention it in anything other than a handwrittenpiece of paper that  is shredded when you are done with it!


4 thoughts on “Big Brother is watching

  1. Something you want to keep private you should only whisper to the trees on a dark night and first make sure there is no google camera or microphone attached to it 🙂 As far as I can remember the book, we are living it more or less at the moment and I think we are in the process of passing it by… 🙂 But it is indeed spooky!


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