Family Functioning

Don’t know how many more messages I will post this year….My son and daughter-in-law will be here in THREE days!!!!  I can’t wait to see them, we only get to visit twice a year and that’s just not often enough for me!   So gearing down at work, trying to get everything ready in the house and sooooo looking forward to 6 days of family fun!  When the kids were little we used to call it “Family Functioning”, have no idea where that came from but it took hold and whenever we were all together  doing something we would call it family functioning 🙂  So hope you all have wonderful, memorable FAMILY FUNCTIONING time over the next few weeks!

To my friends that follow this blog, to my new blog friends (would never have guessed I would ever say that), Have a Wonderful Christmas and here’s hoping for a fantastic New Year!!!!!


5 thoughts on “Family Functioning

  1. Jude, I wish you, Jeff and your lovely family the most wonderful Christmas ever! And it’s great to know that you have a family functioning! Love you all.


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