NIK software

A month or so ago I learned that Nik software was offering their entire software package if you had previously purchased any one of their software offerings…so I downloaded and put aside to play with when I had time.  Well since today is New Years and a day of hanging around and being lazy I thought it was time to play!

Lexie and I took a walk yesterday to get out of the house (I’ve been cooped up sick since Christmas)…not too much out there to shoot but did stumble upon a bog with some cattails.  The sun was high in the sky and very bright so I didn’t walk away with much, but after doing some experimenting in the Nik Analog Efex Pro I came out with this.



Antique Camers

Antique Camera

5 thoughts on “NIK software

  1. Sorry to hear that you have been unwell Judy. A horrible time for illness (I always had flu at Christmas when I was teaching). As you say there isn’t much out there at this time of year, but it is fun to experiment 🙂
    Jude xx


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