Five Versions of comfort


A friend of mine asked me to take some photos of her Christmas decorated home before she took everything down….and I must say she does a wonderful job of decorating, down to every detail!  I spent some time capturing the beauty, and was having fun doing it.   Just before I was about to pack up all the gear I noticed the beautiful light coming in thru the window and hitting the couch and pillows.  Don’t know what it was about the image, but I loved it when I saw it.  I was thrilled when I downloaded it and had captured it just as I wanted.   I’ve been doing some manipulating in Nik software, Analog pro and came up with 5 images.  I really like them all…I would love to hear your honest opinion on both the compostion and the different effects.

Favorite of the five

Favorite of the five

FullSize-4-2 FullSize-3-2 FullSize-2-2

5 thoughts on “Five Versions of comfort

  1. I like the last one most…you did a great job. I finally got lightroom and photoshop but have not had a chance to work with them..hopefully soon. I’d like some pointers from you if you have some time.


  2. I prefer the top one too, lovely tones and texture. My least favourites are the ones with blur / tilt-shift effect. But I am tempted to play around with this, I’m sure it suits some images better than others.


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