Walking the Golf Course

We live in a community that has a golf course…I am NOT a golfer, but used to enjoy walking the course.  It is very quiet in the early morning and I would sometimes catch a glimpse of a coyote and always spot a bird that was not the usual bird feeder type.  A few years ago the course was sold and is now private, they kicked me off a few times!  Well was feeling the need to explore and take some photos so I decided to sneak on to the trail and see how far I could get without someone chasing me off….Really what is the big deal???  Anyway, enjoyed the walk, wasn’t kicked off, and found this “green” (is that what it’s called where the hole is)?  There were a bunch of balls just hanging around, not sure what that was all about but I just thought it looked cool.  The late afternoon shadows were definitely distinctive.  Being January, the grass was more brown than green, but a little green hue took care of that.

Golf Balls

Golf Balls

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