Big Cats

Saturday was a beautiful day in the DFW area, sunny with mid-day temps in the 60’s.  A few of us visited the Ft. Worth Zoo…needed to get out and the Zoo was calling to us 🙂


There will be a few upcoming posts with photos from Saturday’s expedition, but today I am focusing on the big cats…lion and lioness to be specific.  Apparently they were enjoying the beautiful day as well….Lioness was a bit frisky, perhaps a bit too much for her mate at times as he tried to calm her down with a mild complaint…


It seemed to work for awhile as she settled in next to him.


The male in the habitat next to this couple was a bachelor…well appeared to be and was roaring something in lion talk …


Depending on your age…you may or may not remember a show back in the 60’s called “Daktari”…it was a story about a cross eyed lion named Clarence…to this day every lion is Clarence to me 🙂    So Clarence decided that he was going down the ladder to an area below their habitat…his sweetie was not pleased with this…the expression on her face totally changed to this concerned look, like she thought he should be resting and not out on an adventure.


Could have spend hours watching them…amusing and so beautiful!


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