Renting a Lens

This Saturday our Meet Up group is going to Eagle Fest… I’ve been eyeing a lens for a while now, but still out of my reach HOWEVER, thought I’d rent it for a few days and use it for our trip on Saturday.  Well, the lens came today so of course I had to  do some testing!!!  🙂  unfortunately all my birds that normally hang out in the back yard decided not to this evening sooooo I was left with the MOON.   A few clouds so, not quite as clear as I would have liked, but  a good experiment.   BTW, forgot to say what the lens was…..Canon 400 prime 5.6  ( yeah can’t afford that 2.8)!!!   Hope to show you some fabulous bird photos next week.


15 thoughts on “Renting a Lens

  1. I had this lens at one time and loved it but it was a bit much to carry for hours, so I traded it in some time ago. I haven’t found a suitable replacement to this day and have been thinking about (plotting, really) getting another at some near-future point. It’s a great lens, super sharp with decent saturation and fast focusing for birds in flight.


    • Thanks Robert, glad you shared your experience. I’ve done a lot a reading and it seems to be much better than the zoom. It is a bit hefty, but to me worth it. I am amazed at how quickly and QUIETLY it focuses!!


      • Very much so. You still need to be fairly close to your birds to get a sharp shot but it is light enough to hand hold for birds in flight. As it is only 5.6 you need plenty of light to get a good shot but if your subject is stationary and you are on a tripod you can get away with a much lower shutter speed. Happy shooting, Joyce


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