Calling on my Avian followers…

For those of you that follow this blog you will remember that I rented a 400mm 5.6 lens for a few days… the reason is tomorrow is Eagle Fest in east Texas.  So as not to let the lens gather any dust :),  I walked over to the golf course this afternoon and captured some great bird images.  Being a novice, yeah no, being totally ignorant on birding I am having trouble identifying this bird.  I know it is a woodpecker, but I cannot figure out the species.  It has similarities to a ladder-backed woodpecker but there is no red crown…maybe a female?   Any help identifying would be appreciated!FullSize-1-7 FullSize-2-5

4 thoughts on “Calling on my Avian followers…

  1. I’ve gotten some responses and I believe this is a female red bellied woodpecker. Dallas area seems to be the farthest west they go, but I believe we have a winner 🙂


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