Eagel Fest

Attended the Eagle Fest in Emory Texas today, sponsored by the local chamber of Commerce. This area is home to over 260 different species and varieties of wild birds and  with the abundance of water and habitat around the lakes this area is home to the bald eagle.  While I did not take the bus tour out to the lake area, I was witness to the most impressive of predator birds ….the eagle.    WOW….that’s what I have to say!   They are beautiful and so much larger than I had thought.  The eagle shown by “Last Chance Forever”, a not for profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned birds of prey, was a two-year old female.  All I kept saying was WOW!!!  she was beautiful!!!





To give you a sense of scale…here she is with her handler…

9 thoughts on “Eagel Fest

    • Sherri, yes this is the reason I rented that lens…and I am so glad I did! I got some wonderful shots of owls and hawks also, I’ll share them during the week 🙂


      • Sherri, rented on line..”lensrental.com” couldn’t be simpler. they ship and include return sticker, so you just have to pack the lens back into the shipping carton, slap the sticker on and drop off at a fedex location.


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