Unexplored Area

I took a walk this morning and explored a new area. A elementary and middle school were built about 2 years ago just on the other side of the main road that runs past our neighborhood…. for what ever reason I have never wandered over there. I climbed over the barbed wire fence (ouch, yup my jeans got caught) and walked the fence line. I realized it backed up to the RR that I hear in the wee hours of the morning..Had no idea it was that close.

Continued to walk and discovered a pond, or as they call them here in Texas a tank…..there was a beautiful white heron standing there in search of, I guess breakfast…can’t imagine any fish in there…but what do I know.


Continued my walk along the tracks and came upon an owl perched on an old electric pole… He seemed to be observing what used to be his hunting grounds, now taken over by “the neighborhood”.


As I was heading back home I walked past the elementary school and heard something in the gutters, I looked up and what a surprise…a horned owl was checking me out! 🙂




It was quite pretty back here, where I doubt too many people walk…I will be back

4 thoughts on “Unexplored Area

    • Sherri, until yesterday I had never seen an owl outside of a zoo!!! I was so excited. the funny thing is when I shot the one on the pole I thought it was a hawk. Until I got it home and saw it on my monitor!!!


  1. I love all the photo’s. My favorite is the railroad tracks. And please give me a call or a message. I miss hearing from you! My best to your and Jeff!!


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