Hold Outs

We live in a fairly new community, I believe the first house was built-in 2001…It has since developed into a very large planned community. I don’t know how many homes, but it has to be in the thousands….There is, however, a “holdout”…there is a ranch, in the middle of where all these houses are being built. It seems to be a compound unto itself…I love it! They have horses, and alpaca, cows, and probably other varieties that I have not seen. there is a small lake, (or as they call it, a tank) that attracts all kinds of water fowl. I’ve walked the perimeter many times and always discover something new. Yesterday, when it stopped snowing I walked over to where their land meets the golf course …the one I always get kicked off of :). Figured since it was in the teens in temps nobody would bother me. So anyway, grabbed a few shots that I’d like to share…FullSize-5-2


Snow and Cactus

Snow and Cactus

"you lookin at me?"

“you lookin at me?”

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