A couple…

…of cardinals seemed to be following me on Saturday as I strolled along a great new trail that I found. The male was flying from tree top to tree top singing away…the female, a bit more secretive, was hiding amoung the tree limbs which really did not provide much cover given their bareness. For all I know these were 5 or six different cardinals, but the romantic side of me chose to think they were strolling with me 🙂



Exported Small-5-6

Along the way I encountered a few more song birds.  It was a wonderfully sunny warm day…a nice break from the unusually cold winter that we’ve had here in Dallas.

Yellow rumped warbler

Yellow rumped warbler

And finally there were the ducks in the pond…For sure I felt comfortable identifying them as Mallards…really I should know them since they are so common.  Yep….NOPE  my friend 1500 miles away told me that they in fact were northern shovelers (hmmm appropriate with all the snow the Northerners have recently gotten).  Looking more closely I see that they have larger bills that are flat and do look like shovels. Oh well, I’m learning and having fun exploring!

Exported Small-1-8

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