Mental Health day

So I took what I call a “mental health day” off from work…too much stress and in need of a day to ourselves, kinda day. Some may shop, some may get pampered, BUT my relaxation is a day with nature, my spoiled puppy and my camera!  Yes, and if my hubby wanted to come that would be great too, but he’s not so much into wandering like me LOL. We took a looooooong stroll along lake lewisville, I probably would have captured a few more shorebirds, but Lexington preferred to chase them before I could capture them! Hope you enjoy.

the abandoned ship

the abandoned ship

Least Sandpiper

Least Sandpiper





My little girl Lexington

My little girl Lexington

2 thoughts on “Mental Health day

  1. I like the abandoned ship processing. I wouldn’t call your Lexington (Lexie?) little – she looks like a BIG girl too me, especially if she os only a puppy. Some rottweiler in her perhaps?


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