it’s been awhile…

I have been an absentee blogger of late, my apologies. Lot’s of things going on and kind of a spring has sprung here in the DFW area, so plenty of yard work to get ready before the heat hits. Last December we had a very nasty ice storm here, one tree in my backyard was so heavy with ice on the leaves that it split in two.

Exported Small-2-2


Exported Small-3-2

I thought for sure it was a goner…very sad at the prospect of losing shade in the summer HOWEVER there is hope as the weather warms because look what I found today on the branches!


Exported Small-4-2

Our roses were popping out leaves a few weeks ago when voila…another ice storm. Had to go out last weekend and cut back some more but again this evenings stroll thru the yard proved that mother nature is determined to fight back 🙂

Exported Small-5-2



I’ve had this thing about feeding birds…I guess I took over my dad’s job as he always made sure the neighborhood birds had food and water all year long. Last summer I visited my close friends in NY and learned that they are what is known as “birders”…show them a bird and they know what it is or know how to figure out what it is. I was hooked. When we got our tax return this year I invested in a 400mm prime lens. What fun to go out and explore! There are birds sitting in the trees that with the naked eye you can’t tell what they are BUT thru a 400 mm lens you can see them like they are sitting on your windowsill. I’m learning what to look for to identify them and having so much fun. If you are interested check out my “feathers and wings” page on my website.



Signing off for now but hope to be back real soon!

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