San Antonio, Texas

san Fernando Cathedral


I know, it’s been awhile….again! Work, life, it all gets in the way of my pictures 🙂 Well I had planned a getaway for an extended weekend in San Antonio, TX. A small group of us drove down to San Antonio last week to shoot the Missions Trail. I had heard about it, and seen some pictures, but wasn’t really sure what we would find…we weren’t disappointed! Over the next few posts, I’ll share our 3 day adventure and will limit the photos for a few per post 🙂 ( I shot about 2,000) Now I shoot 3 of everything by bracketing. For those of you that do not know what that is…I shoot one pic underexposed, one pic “perfectly” exposed and one pic overexposed. The reason is if the subject is very contrasty sometimes the under or over is actually a better shot.
Day One
We left Dallas at 5am, hit some traffic in Dallas and Austin but generally made good time and arrived in San Antonio late morning. Stopped by our rented house to drop off some stuff then headed downtown San Antonio…
It was mid-day, around 85 degrees and starting to get crowded. It was Fiesta weekend! (    Below are some photos shot at San Fernando Cathedral.  This is a beautiful church in the heart of downtown.  The remains of the Alamo heroes are entombed in the chapel as you enter.
San Fernando Cathedral




San Fernando Cathedral





San Fernando Cathedral

San Fernando Cathedral

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