Sharing a wonderful story and talent

Not sure how I found Kristofer Rowe, I think it was his Flickr page. I was enamored with his photos of osprey, for whatever reason I goggled his name and found an article about him in the local paper in Connecticut. He is a chef at Bee & Thistle Inn  in Old Lyme, Connecticut; he replaced his bottle of vodka with a camera and what he captures is amazing.
This is the link to his Flickr page. Something to be said about second chances, good choices and the love and passion for something.
I am not comfortable with posting others photos, so my photo will be my poor version of an Osprey…you need to look at Kristofer’s photo’s to see the beauty of this bird.Osprey

4 thoughts on “Sharing a wonderful story and talent

  1. A poor substitute for a real Kristofer Rowe image. Not that I’ve sen any of his work. But that is what it seems like you want us to say so I’m happy to oblige. Even though I think yours is an exceptional image that left me with my mouth agape. (And that is not a pretty picture!)

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  2. Emilio. not looking for anything other than to check out Kristopher’s images on flickr….and once you see them mine pales 🙂 BTW checked your blog and not so bad yourself 🙂


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