Saturday Morning Find

Drove over to White Rock Lake early Saturday morning, much too early as I forget the sun is coming up much later these days… but so enjoyed the sunrise and the sounds of nature waking up.

Early morning light

White Rock Lake is a very popular place for runners and bicyclist…VERY popular, you have to be careful not to get run over! 🙂

I found a great spot, kind of secluded pond with a selection of duck species.   Saw my first Wood Duck, very cool looking duck.  At the moment, the males are in what they call eclipse stage.  “In the Spring, the male (drake) requires its colourful plumage to attract a mate during the breeding season. In the Summer after the breeding season (or start of the non-breeding season) the male (drake) begins to moult, shedding all their feathers including the flight feathers. The female (duck) tends to moult slightly later when the ducklings are older. During this time for a short period they cannot fly so they find a safe place away from predators until their feathers grow back. This moult results in the eclipse plumage which gives the male (drake) a much duller plumage similar to the female (duck)”.

Wood Duck, Eclipse male

Wood Duck, Eclipse male

Wood Duck - female

Of course, I had to play with one of the images…here’s a little impressionistic interpretations of a Wood Duck…

Wood Duck, Eclipse male

And then there was the entertainment provided by the mallards.  As I have named this photo….”A duck getting goosed”


And finally, just love the expression on the female mallards face…those darn Coots just keep bothering her while she is trying to take a power nap!


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