The DFW 3Day…Completed!!!

Finding a Cure by Walking


2014-11-07 06.47.32

Mother Nature was good to us this weekend, the rain stopped  on Thursday and the artic freeze will be upon us tonight!  The sun shone upon 1,500 + walkers and crew and volunteers for 3 glorious days.  It is an amazing event for a cause that effects, just about everyone in one form or another. The fight to find a cure for breast cancer is a serious one, but for 3 days pink and outlandish and crazy for the tata’s is what keeps everyone pushing on! The volunteers and the crew that keep all of us safe are amazing…the tough (by exterior appearance only) motorcycle guys and gals in their pink beards and decorated bikes are fantastic.

2014-11-09 07.23.492014-11-09 07.23.342014-11-09 07.24.46

The youth corps that come out to help are wonderfully thoughtful young people and the police that help with traffic control on the major intersections are full of smiles and some even dance…

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