Bird Art

Weather here is DFW has been cold, cloudy, rainy and generally gloomy for what seems like weeks!  Unfortunately I cannot not go out shooting when it’s like that so I’ve been “playing” with my photos.  Thought it might be fun to make some artsy images of birds.  I worked on this one for about 2 hours today, lot’s of trashed layers in photoshop but eventually was pleased with the results…

Yellow-rumped warbler

This is the original image:
Yellow-rumped warbler

11 thoughts on “Bird Art

    • Thanks Denise, I agree those subject are definitely perfect for textures. Don’t know if you are a PS user, but I just can’t master those marching ants to mask the subjects, it would save me a lot of time if I could 🙂


  1. I love your art transition to an already lovely composition. You mentioned PS and the darned ol’ marching ants! I sometimes want to squash those buggers! Have you tried OnOne software? It makes masking much easier although I haven’t had or taken the time to learn it too much yet. I have almost as much fun in post processing as in the original capture especially on these cold, dreary days!


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