The sun came out

I think I mentioned the other day that it has been rainy and cold for the past 1+ week.  Well the sun finally decided to make an appearance this afternoon. Having a bit of cabin fever, I decided to take Lex (my rotti) for a walk on the trail around Lewisville lake. I brought a camera, but not my 400mm bird lens (had a bit of a mishap last time out, so it’s in for repair). I watched as some bird was chasing a hawk relentlessly, a lot of squawking going on.  I couldn’t see what the aggressor was (forgot my binoculars), but I did watch where it eventually landed. Like I said, didn’t have my long lens, but snapped a few shots so I could zoom in a get a better look. It turned out to be an American Kestrel…what beautiful birds they are, just love all the colors.  Apologise for the lousy quality of the photo, but it’s extremely zooms so not too many details.

Exported Small-1-10 Exported Small-2-8


I also spotted a Loggerhead Shrike, my first one, a new bird added to my list 🙂

Exported Small-3-9

As we were heading back came upon an unexpected site…a skunk.  Thankfully Pepe Le Pew wasn’t upset by seeing Lex, so no tomato juice bath necessary tonight!

Exported Small-1-11


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