I had a mishap with my new camera 2 weeks ago…from experience, if you have your set up on a tripod…and it is windy…DO NOT turn your back!  It only took a second and my camera, lens and flash were on the cement path.  The flash is DOA, the camera (2 weeks old) is in surgery and the lens, well I’m waiting to hear the prognosis.

So I continue to do “non-camera” clean up of my files, been watching a lot of KelbyOne instructional videos and using the new knowledge to play with old images.

In the fall of 2013, a group of us spent a few days in Oklahoma hoping to catch some fall colors, we were a bit early for colors but did have a great time checking out the Beavers Bend area.   There are beautiful lakes and streams and trails to discover, below are two captures that I’ve enhanced just a bit in PS CC.


Beavers bend-439


Beavers bend-442


And a very abstract version of a tree and the reflection in the lake.



15 thoughts on “Camera-less

  1. Yikes. Hope that the repairs are not too expensive. I love that last photo. I spend so much of my time worrying about getting my subject in really sharp focus and forget that out of focus subjects can be amazingly beautiful.


    • Mike, I know, we all are concerned with crisp in focus shoots! I had discovered a photographer awhile back that actually purposely took out of focus photos, they were beautiful AND actually more difficult to capture 🙂 go figure!


  2. Photography is as much about presenting an image as taking it, and your two evolutionary approaches show that clearly.
    So sorry to hear about your mishap. I can imagine how gutted I would feel… be honest it would be like losing an arm. I hope the damage can be repaired, and quickly!
    Regards, John.


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