Blue Skies and an Osprey

The weather today was just wonderful, sunny blue skies and 40 degrees warmer than it’s been all week. A friend of mine, knowing I did not have a long lens to go out shooting with, suggested we meet a at local spot and he would lend me his 200 – 600 zoom lens!  Now how thoughtful is that!  We got there a bit later than usual so I think we missed the morning “feeding”, or maybe it’s been so cold a lot of our feathered friends stayed home with the fireplace on :).   There were however numerous “butter butts” as Randy calls them, aka Yellow-Rumped Warblers, I unfortunately did not capture a good shot…I did however manage a few pretty good photos of an osprey.  He was cruising above the river going back and forth and I believe, besides fishing, he was posing for us!!

Osprey LLELA

and as we were heading out, he kindly landed in a tree just over the exiting trails, very considerate osprey! I think he was telling us he wasn’t done posing, he appears to be annoyed.


3 thoughts on “Blue Skies and an Osprey

  1. Beautiful. Do you know what shutter speed you used on that top photo? I’m still trying to figure out my settings capturing birds. My delete button is getting a major workout 😉


    • Ingrid, that shot was ISO 200, f8 at 1/1000. Funny was just have that conversation with someone and the “standard” shutter speed for birds, particularly BIF should not be less than 1250.

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