Mental Health Day II

Sorry my northeastern friends and family, I know you are cold and snowed in but we are enjoying one of those occasional January warm spells here in Dallas.  Today was sunny and 82!  I had been watching the 10 day forecast and when I saw that today was supposed to be so beautiful I notified “the boss” that I’d be taking a mental health day 🙂   Left the house at 6:15 and headed to White Rock Lake to meet up with a fellow photographer…I still don’t have my equipment back from repair but with my Canon 60D in hand, Randy once again came to my rescue and loaned me his 150 – 600.  Love this lens.  There will be a few posts from all the shots today as it turned out to be a day to add 4 species to my bird list.  Let’s start with the Monk Parakeet, aka quaker parrot. These cute little guys are naturally a subtropical species but feral populations occur in many places…it just so happens the Dallas has it’s very own colony.



A visitor in the same tree apparently enjoying the same berries was a European Starling.  I know some folks think they are too numerous and aggressive, but I happen to think they are very beautiful birds, I love their iridescence and the triangular white spots…


more to come in the next few days 🙂

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