American White Pelican

More photos from my “mental health day”…The American White Pelican spends it’s winters in the southern part of the U.S. and into Mexico.  I had no idea that pelicans were in Texas…when I think of Pelicans, what comes to mind is Florida…anyway shows you what I know and what I need to learn 🙂    There were a bunch, don’t know that is technical count, but a lot of them at White Rock Lake yesterday.  They are BIG, according to what I have read, they are the one of the heaviest flying birds in the world.  The first series below was behavior I was watching and totally amused by …There were 3 pelican on this particular stump, there was a lot of fussing going on…almost like 3 siblings picking on one…there bill slapping and feathers flapping until…

Three White Pelicans
Three Pelicans 1
They managed to drive one of them away…
double White Peilican

…and then there were 2…

The younger ones are not as orange, they have more subtle dusky colors on their bills and legs…
juvenile white pelican
Compared to this adult, you can see the color difference
White Pelican

Haven’t been able to find out why they do this flapping thing with their bills, but as I watched this seemed to follow preening…funny to see.
white pelican caption

Saw quite a few coming in for landings…despite their large size they are quite graceful…But there is the occasional “foot got in the way landing”…As this one was making his/her approach his foot hit the water ahead of time and he immediately “recalculated” ,adjusting and make the perfect landing!
White Pelican landing

10 thoughts on “American White Pelican

  1. Love the photos and descriptions. I was recently in Corpus Christi and saw many Pelicans both brown and white. I will be returning there next week and will have to pay more attention to their behaviors this time around!

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