Wild piggies…

Texas has a feral hog problem, actually a few states do.  They destroy property and while not aggressive by nature, will attack if cornered, hurt or a sow with young ones.  There have been times when I am on a isolated trail and see the signs of furrowing hogs, I do get a bit concerned …HOWEVER when it comes to baby anything…

There is a water management area in Arlington TX that is a great spot to capture (well usually) ducks and birds; last fall they drained most of the water so the usual visitors were not around.  They’ve recently been adding the water back…where am I going with this you ask?   A hypothesis… there is a little “island”, basically a patch of land in the middle of one of the areas.  On the “island” is a family of baby pigs/ feral hogs.  I’m guessing they were born in that particular spot and when the water was re-introduced their home became an island.


There are nine of them but no sow in sight.  At the moment they are like pigs in $h!!T….lots of roots and plenty of water.  I must say they are just adorable!!!!  Three blondes, three redheads a dirty blonde and a brunette…yes I know that’s not really what they are called 🙂  indulge me!



I tried to find out if pigs swim, (I know they don’t fly) I learned they can climb but no information on their swimming abilities, at some point they will probably need to leave the area they are on…

I spent an hour on Saturday watching and shooting them, totally entertaining 🙂 They’ve dug themselves a pit where they disappear to, (out of view), probably to take a nap in between eating, which they seem to do on a constant basis.

Will probably go back in a week or so to see them again, with the endless food source at the moment curious to see how fast they grow!

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